New and improved PRO Jumping Fitness trampoline is extremely safe, superior quality and extremely light!  It’s 100% handmade, made out of the best quality materials, technically advanced and therefore unrivaled with commercially available trampolines on the market. All that just to ensure, that the fitness trampoline is completely safe and most efficient for the training.

PRO Jumping Fitness trampolines are also used in SPORT, MEDICINE and PHYSIOTHERAPY! Therefore, there are various models of fitness trampolines, each suitable for different purpose.

PRO Jumping Fitness trampoline is made of a steel or INOX framework, it’s OCTAGONAL shape with eight very stable legs. At the front of the fitness trampoline, you can attach removable and height-adjustable safety handrail, which contributes to the safe training of the user or patient. The working surface or the JUMPING MAT is attached to the STEEL or INOX framework with specially patented elastic nylon rope.


Standard steel:

We produce high-end quality trampolines made from stainless steel for professional and commercial use. Our trampolines are designed for gym, school, group exercise and home use.

We have done years of research and developed an excellent high-end trampoline which we are offering exclusively for the purposes of jumping sports. The technical features of our equipment ensure a consistently perfect and healthy jumping technique.



Medical inox:

We also developed our professional medical inox PRO Jumping Fitness trampoline for the use in health and medical care.

  • clinics
  • rehabilitation centers
  • health & wellness
  • medical centers
  • physiotherapy centers
  • weight loss clinics

Extremely high quality combined with a great design and practical functionality.

All that just to ensure, that the fitness trampoline is completely safe and most efficient for the training. PRO Jumping Fitness trampolines are patented and have the TÜV certificate that confirms obtained quality and safety. PRO Jumping Fitness trampolines are entirely handmade, produced in the EU and tested according to the standards for medical use.

Why PRO Jumping Fitness trampoline?

  • It’s extremely safe, superior quality, quiet, very light and easy to handle with.
  • The relatively large surface of the jumping mat allows us to carry out a wide range of exercises.
  • Since the jumping mat is attached with the rubber belt, it has a great advantage over other trampolines. The rubber belt transmits kinetic energy to the body in safer and more efficient way and prevents any shake of the organs, protects bonds and joints.
  • The special handrail ensures safety and stability.
  • It’s really versatile – It can be used for a wide range of programs as in medicine rehabilitation, kid’s trainings, trainings for adults, mature years…


Maximum load: 250 kg / 550 lbs

Diameter: 120 cm

Whole weight: up to 10 kg

Height adjustable handrail: S, L, XL




Octagonal frame is made of especially light steel or INOX tube, 1.5 mm in thickness and 30 mm in diameter.



Eight legs provide exceptional stability of a trampoline. At the end of the legs is special vinyl capthat prevents unwanted slipping of the trampoline and doesn’t leave marks on different floor.



It’s special patented nylon elastic rope. With a high-dynamic, precise stretching, it provides blissful and safe exercise, completely without any sound.



It’s ergonomically designed, made out of a lightweight, robust steel or INOX tube. It’s height adjustable, elegant and ensures our focus on safety, functionality and comfort during the exercise.



It is made of anti-slippery, wate-resistant nylon material, characterized by dynamic expansion in both directions, which ensures that the user’s feet are always in ergonomic position. For enhanced quality, it is reinforced by a repeatedly stitched safety tape in various colors.  All jumping mats are HANDMADE and tested.