PRO Jumping Fitness is a professional program featuring fitness trampolines, workout and education. It was created after years of experience in the field of sports by Mark Van de Graaf, an expert on food disorders, and perfectly adapted to fitness trampolines.

PRO JUMPING FITNESS can now offer you:

  • new and improved PRO JUMPING FITNESS trampoline which is certified, 100% handmade and made out of the best quality materials. All that just to ensure, that the fitness trampoline is completely safe and most efficient for the training
  • our own licensing program that wins the global public and has more levels! Join our team and start changing lives on your own classes
  • powerful, high-intensity, and most efficient PRO JUMPING FITNESS trainings on fitness trampolines that have become the NEW MEGA FITNESS TREND!

PRO Jumping Fitness offers a lot more, but all things are connected to a healthy, fit, safe successful, educational, and fun way of life. We can assure you that the program is recommended for all age groups.

PRO Jumping Fitness is also member of the world’s sports organization SportAccord, while our fitness trampolines have TÜV certificate that only confirms obtained quality and safety.